Implants and single-use surgical instruments for safer, optimized and lower-cost spinal surgery

In just four years:

1. A range of sterile implants and associated single-use instruments, CE-marked and FDA-approved

2.  A unique positioning, with no comparable competitive products, in the lumbar degenerative market, estimated to be worth 5 billion dollars

3.  Rapid adoption by european surgeons, who have performed more than 5 000 operations

4.  Intelligent technical solutions protected by 17 patent families

5.  Business model based on single-use instruments with lower costs than for reusable equipment

6.  A global commercial strategy for strong growth, based on a combination of direct distribution and local distributors

Surgical infections: complications inadequately controlled

According to literature, 40,000 patients yearly1 are infected during spinal surgery !

In response to this challenge, Safe Orthopaedics has developed SteriSpineTM, a unique range of sterile implants and associated single-use sterile surgical instruments.

A product range that avoids the need to reuse instruments, in order to enhance patient safety and reduce hospital costs

Maximizing patient safety:
No risk of contamination through instrument reuse,
100% traceability,
Instruments always available and in perfect condition.

Optimizing profitability for hospitals:
Substantial savings of time and cost thanks to single-use equipment,
Reduction in number of cancellations caused by non-availability of instruments.

Meeting the needs of the main surgical techniques:
Enhancing respect for the environment
Avoiding high consumption of water and sterilization chemicals.

Global spinal fusion market representing approximately 10 billion dollars, with a +5.5% growth per year2

Safe Orthopaedics is positioned in a global market with strong growth drivers:
  Aging population in developed countries,
  Technological progress enabling operations
on a steadily growing number of patients
  Growing demand in emerging countries.

Safe Orthopaedics already addresses the largest segment, lumbar degenerative, estimated to be worth 5 billion dollars, and has plans to enter the other spinal fusion markets in the future.

Global distribution

Safe Orthopaedics plans to market its innovative products throughout the world.

They have so far been approved in Europe, and are marketed in 15 countries.

1 Source : WHO (World Health Organisation)
2 Source: Technavio Insights, Global Spinal Implant Market 2014-2018, Sept. 2014